How’s Your Mind Body Connection?

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How’s Your Mind Body Connection?


Do you ever have the sense your head is no longer connected to the rest of you?


Sometimes in our society it seems more like the norm.

Having a feeling of disconnect can be a little uncomfortable, yet, a great reminder it’s time to re-establish your mind-body connection.


The mind and the body are part of the same system of your incredible self, and to ignore one inspires the other to protest. Protestation symptoms can manifest themselves in many ways: restlessness, apathy, lethargy, depression, to name a few…


Subconsciously, the mind and body are always working together and remember what our conscious mind and body cannot.


Recently, after a heady, restless, non-productive, morning full of self-doubt, I decided it was time for a yoga class. As usual, walking into the yoga studio, I felt immediate calm. But once I started to do the poses, my doubts and negativity from earlier began to resurface: “oh, why is my balance off?, come on arms! stop shaking, blah, blah, blah…”


Then, as a body tends to do, to quiet the mind, it completely took over. From my 20ish years of experiencing an ebb and flow yoga practice, my mind finally quieted and allowed me to let go of the process of perfecting where I was and what I was in that moment only, and my body remembered too. To surrender to one’s inner knowing is a profound and humbling experience, an endless source of creativity, self-confidence, and wisdom.


 When you are feeling that disconnect deep within yourself, what do you do? Re-establish your mind-body connection! Here are a few suggestions:


  • Move your body: yoga, pilates, martial arts, take a walk or run, dance…
  • Engage each of your senses every day: touching, smelling, tasting, hearing, and seeing 
  • Create: journal, paint, cook, make a vision board, garden, write poetry, build with blocks, knit
  • Nurture Spirit: sit still and be okay with solitude and quiet, pray, meditate, sing, dance
  • Spend time in Nature: walk, hike, bike, garden, make sand castles…
  • Surround yourself with the elements: water, earth, air, fire and spirit


The ways to connect to your deeper self are varied and as individual as you are. When in touch with your heart and your mind-body are in alignment, your authentic self has the capacity to shine out in the world. 


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